Training Simulator Solutions

Tech Traders offers solutions for improving product development and user training. The solutions are based on special know how in real-time simulation of dynamics, multitechnical systems and virtual engineering. The broad scope of expertise enables almost any type of application fulfilling the needs of the most demanding customers.

Mevea Tower Crane Simulator

The Mevea Tower Crane Simulator is a real masterpiece in the field of crane simulators. Its versatile training program was developed with the help of the Finland’s biggest crane training center’s instructors. Utilizing the deep knowledge of the top-notch instructors in Europe we developed such effective training methods that the trainees can jump quickly into real work sites after finishing the simulator training program.

The Tower Crane Simulator’s training program consists of more than 20 exercises in three different work sites. The instructor can also create own exercises by changing the work site, task and weather conditions.

The training begins by learning the basic crane behavior in the training area, which includes seven different exercises. Once the trainee has successfully completed these exercises, training in the construction sites can begin. During the training program the operator has to move different kind of objects to specified positions. These objects are common items seen on a construction site, such as a pillar, coil, floor element, dumpster or different kind of windows and door elements. Also concrete casting can be practiced in the simulator.

After each exercise the software prints out an exercise report which shows the time, total load and control ratio, number of accidents and how much time was lost due to those accidents. The possible collisions are separated into three different groups: minor, moderate and serious.

Mevea Mobile Crane Simulator

The Mevea Mobile Crane Simulator was created in the same process as the Tower Crane Simulator utilizing the knowledge of the best crane training instructors in Europe. The mobile crane is a commonly used machine in construction sites, and our customers usually buy both mobile and tower crane models to be used in the same hardware.

VRTEX® Mobile Virtual Welding Trainer

The VRTEX systems are virtual reality arc welding training simulators. These computer based training systems are educational tools designed to supplement and enhance traditional welding training. They allow students to practice their welding technique in a simulated and immersive environment. The VRTEX systems promote the efficient transfer of quality welding skills and body positioning to the welding booth while reducing material waste associated with traditional welding training. The combination of realistic puddle, arc welding sound, and real-time feedback tied to the welder’s movement provides a realistic and exciting, hands-on training experience.

The VRTEX® Mobile is a basic, entry level welding training system. It is designed to provide mobility in an easy to use and engaging welding training tool. The VRTEX Mobile is ideal for initial, basic welding training, as a recruitment and engagement tool for educational and industry and for employment and screening for human resources or as an evaluation tool for instructors and educators to get a baseline on student knowledge. The VRTEX Mobile is definitely on the move!